On the Internet: News You May Have Missed (2)

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Pinterest Reads Our Minds, Historians Weigh In On the Selfie Phenom, Gamers Prove Stereotype… What You Missed On the Internet from MasonInteractive.com – Pinterest wants to get to know you better: Pinterest adds a page that will predict your interests (think amazon’s recommendations but with better pictures). [The Next Web] You can (loosely) trace the ‘selfie’ back to a historical start date…. which still doesn’t stop anyone from making fun of you. [Vulture]

A Kansas man-child runs into burning house to save his dog, wife, kids… x-box. That’s right, a man, ran into a fire to save his xbox machine, proving once again that gamers are the inevitable downfall of our civilization. [Digital Trends] More proof: Japanese adult gamers act like small children by playing game meant for little girls, refusing to share. [RocketNews24] Also, check out this video of how a conference call would go down, if we ever–God forbid–had to do these meetings in person… watch the hilarity/recognized misery ensue… [Buzzfeed]


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