Meet The Team- 10 Questions With The Head Of SEO Jenna Vaccaro

By March 5, 2014 No Comments

Meet The Team is where we feature one member of our team a month, so you can get to know a bit more about us, apart from what our voices sound like on the phone during our weekly updates with you. Jenna Vaccaro is our resident expert on all things SEO (check out her most recent article on the Secret to A Successful SEO Practice).

Based on her understanding and vast experience in the trenches executing various SEO strategies, Jenna is an invaluable resource here at Mason. As the head of SEO, Jenna leads a team of 5 SEO Managers, organizing and supervising multiple time schedules, prioritizing workloads for her managers, and making sure monthly milestones/tasks get accomplished for each of our accounts. Equally important to running effective SEO campaigns is Jenna’s ability to effectively communicate and educate our clients on the day-to-day tactics that are getting them bankable results.

In addition to being the head of SEO here at Mason, Jenna is our go-to “Fun Coordinator,” and has been known to bring delicious homemade treats to the office from time to time. If I wasn’t in digital marketing, I would… serve no purpose in life! Just kidding. I’d become a celebrity chef. Not someone who cooks for famous people, but a chef who’s famous. Too bad I love digital marketing so much, or Giada would be in trou-ble. If not in New York City, I would live… back in South Florida. I don’t think I can handle one more NY winter. If I had to be outdoors all day, I would… move somewhere tropical and become an outdoor yoga instructor. If I could go back in time for one decade, it would be… the 1950’s. As a teenager, I was totally into… Cheerleading. Like, totally. The fictional character I’d be best friends with in real life is… Rachel from Friends. I just know we’d be instant Bffs. The last thing I purchased online was… My husband will probably read this, so it was something inexpensive.. and it was on sale. I swear. The last book I read was… The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett (I actually read that about a year ago. It’s a 1,000 page Historical Fiction, so I thought it would sound cooler than the actual book I just finished: Book 3 of the Young Adult trilogy, Divergent). The last song I listened to was… The Seed 2.0 by The Roots My cocktail of choice is… Ketel Dirty Martini