10 Questions with SEO Account Manager Nate Kugel

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When your friends ask what you do, what do you tell them? I make people show up higher on Google. If I could go back in time for one decade it would be 60’s. Mad Men looks like fun and it would probably be my only opportunity to see the Jets win a Super Bowl and the Mets win a World Series in my lifetime. The fictional character I’d be best friends with in real life is Jim from the office. We make similar faces. As a teenager, I was totally into Cue the ‘What do you mean when Nate WAS a teenager jokes’ The last thing I purchased online was One of those horse head masks. The thing basically paid for itself in hilarious selfies. The last song I listened to was No Scrubs – TLC. My cocktail of choice is When I’m with out the guys scotch on the rocks, but between us, any frozen alcoholic drink. I mean it’s an alcoholic Slurpee… What was your AOL screen name? expomt7 in honor of my seventh grade teacher with the initials MT who had a penchant for launching Expo markers at us when we were bad. Mac or PC? I’m a major Apple groupie. What’s your favorite part of your job? My team. I’m fortunate enough to work with a really great group of people who make it a pleasure coming into the office every day. What’s one thing no one in the office knows about you? Ketchup is not in my list of top 5 condiments. (WHAT?)


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