The Changing EDU Marketing Landscape

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We just got back from a week in Chicago, where we were lucky enough to speak to TCS Ed System’s constellation of schools about the state of education marketing. Affiliate Managers, Content Strategists, TV buyers, designers, and us all came together to talk about the changing EDU marketing landscape. Things like Corinthian’s troubles came up, but only tangentially. TCS Ed System runs non-for-profit schools, and while the landscape is certainly different than it was five years ago, the non-profit sector is in a different boat than the for-profits. On top of the regular, valid, ongoing concerns – like the bread and butter issues of generating inquiries for programs where The Chicago School is a clear leader, like Industrial & Organizational Psychology Programs – was, of course, the shift to mobile. As Fred Wilson says, the mobile monster is eating everything, and it’s not going away. More on this later 🙂


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