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A backlink is a link back to another online page/post/picture. Backlinks are important because they are key signals in telling Google how to rank your website. I live on Beard St. in Brooklyn with my six-year-old son and wife. If we were at a dinner party with 10 people, and someone asked you “hey, I’m thinking about moving to Beard St. with my six-year-old kid. Do you have any advice?” You might point to me and say “No, but that guy does. You should talk to him.” That pointing, that referral, is the real-world equivalent of a backlink. The online equivalent would be my writing that this is the best film school in Chicago or this is the best restaurant in Red Hook or that for advice in school marketing you should visit us. In each of those three cases, I created a backlink. Very, very, very briefly: more backlinks to your website = more people online trust you = you show up higher than the competition in a search result. For more examples, or to see how your backlinks stack up to the completion, please write us.