I think it’s key that everyone on a team have a common goal.

When our company was smaller, and there were five of us in one room, there was much less need to formalize our mission.  Now that we’re bigger – and growing even bigger – we think it’s important to formalize it.

So, Mason Interactive’s mission Statement is: Be an ally for our clients to grow their business.  That’s it.  Simple.  We succeed together, or not at all.

Our brand pillars are:

  1. Transparency: Total access to costs, process, and team. You will never hear us say “no, we can’t give you that data.”

  2. 100% alignment on goals: The more we know about your goals, the more we will succeed.

  3. Treat other as we’d like to be treated: This sounds simple, but it’s a great rule for life.

  4. Frictionless: We strive to make every interaction as frictionless as possible.

  5. Evolutionary: We evolve in real time to get better every day

Every new employee, from this day on, will be asked to memorize these pillars.


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