Who doesn’t love discovering the latest, best-in-class goods from pioneers in the consumer goods market? FounderMade’s Consumer Discovery Show brings together founders, retailers and influencers from the most innovative beauty, fashion, wellness and food up-and-comer and start-up brands.

This week, we had the pleasure to host a booth at the Consumer Discovery Show East 2019 at Spring Studios, New York. This was our third year at the show, and as always, we were impressed by the passion of these innovators.

In addition to great conversations we enjoyed with the attendees on our booth and in the Discovery Lounge bazaar, we heard awesome insights on the hot topics in each industry during their well-curated sessions. The panels featured thought leaders, founders and C-level executives from companies like Alibaba Group, Cannuka, Walmart and Whole Foods Market.

The top 3 trends we discovered at the show this year:

  1. CBD industry is booming. We saw everything from CBD oils, balms, cookies, protein bars to dogs’ biscuits! All of them having the purpose of healing, enhancing wellness and general mindfulness.

  2. Environmentally, economically, and socially-sourced materials are continuing to take over the market whilst consumers are increasing their interest in, not only what the goods contain, but how they are manufactured, where and by whom.

  3. Standing out in the Direct-to-Consumer industry is more challenging than ever with giants like Amazon & Google setting up the rules of the playground. Many brands are relying on influencers’ power to attract organic traffic alongside traditional marketing and branding methods.

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