At Mason Interactive, we pride ourselves on our company culture, and on our close-knit team of digital marketing specialists who collaborate together seamlessly to deliver best-in-class digital marketing solutions. Since we began working remotely in March, we have maintained the same level of collaboration through daily all-hands Zoom meetings, weekly team challenges, virtual team building exercises, and well, Slack of course.   

As we are all embarking on this new way of working virtually together, we want to give you an opportunity to meet the digital experts of Mason Interactive. This month on spotlight is SEO Account Manager Molly From who shares what her days are like at Mason Interactive, and what she thinks of working from home. 

Who is Molly From?

Where do you live and how long have you been at Mason?

I live in Westwood, NJ and I have been at Mason about 3.5 years now. I started as an intern and after I graduated I started working full-time.

What do you do at Mason?

I am an SEO Account Manager for Team Rocket and I also help out the sales and marketing team (Team Killer). I graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication. Working at Mason has really taught me so much about the advertising industry and everything I do today as an Account Manager, I have learned at Mason. 

What is your favorite thing about Mason?

My coworkers 100%. It has been a shame not being able to see everyone in person but I am glad everyone is safe and healthy. I miss going for drinks after work and having our bullpen debates! It is also great being able to work with clients. At bigger agencies, not everyone gets to do work on accounts AND talk to their clients. At Mason, since we are a boutique agency, I love being able to work on the accounts and speak to our clients directly. The diversity of our client range definitely keeps everything interesting and fun!

Do you have any hobbies, pets, etc?

I do! I love fragrance, photography, cooking, working out, and hanging out with my dog Jarvis. I just recently adopted Jarvis from a rescue organization. He is about 6 months old, and he is a Labradane (half Labrador, half Great Dane). Growing up with small dogs, it definitely is a change to now have such a big dog, but he is such a sweetheart! And if you are wondering, yes – he was named after J.A.R.V.I.S. from Iron Man. 

Jarvis | Mason Interactive

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Wake up, have a cup of coffee (a repeating theme throughout my day), get a workout and shower in, and start my day with our all-hands zoom meeting! Depending on the day, there will definitely be a few meetings, sometimes client facing or just internal meetings. I usually take a few small breaks throughout the day, sometimes to grab lunch (or coffee), walk my dog, or just move my body a little bit! A typical day on the SEO team consists of LOTS of content writing, keyword research, and technical audits. When I am on Team Killer there is also more content, social media management, and more meetings!

What are your must-have WFH essentials?

A DESK! Trying to work from the couch or bed is so difficult. When you live with others, you may try to sit in the kitchen or at the dining room table, but there is constant foot-traffic and noise. I chose to get myself a desk and it literally changed my workflow. ALSO a yoga ball because I have horrible posture.

Do you have a specific WFH “vibe?”

My work from home vibe consists of a constantly burning candle, ample coffee and water, lo-fi music playing, and a clean room. I find that my vibe (and productivity level) is off when my room is a little cluttered, so making sure I stay on top of it is key.

What are your top 3 tips for WFH that have helped you?

  1. Have a dedicated work space. I started the pandemic moving to different areas around my house which was nice, but once I realized we would be here for a while I knew I had to have one space. I finally got a desk in my room and having the dedicated work space where I have privacy and quiet has worked wonders for my productivity levels.
  2. Stay active! I love to work out and stay active, but sometimes it is not as motivating when you cannot go to a gym or a group fitness class. Going for a walk during your lunch break or before work is a great way to stay active. I am very lucky to have gotten a Peloton at the beginning of the pandemic, and I love it so much. 
  3. Remaining social is so important during this time. Some people may still be wary of leaving their houses, but that is what Zoom and FaceTime are for! Humans need interaction, and it is just as important to remain mentally healthy as it is to remain physically healthy.

What do you think the biggest change has been since quarantine?

Just one? Well, I did get a dog, so that’s a big responsibility. I guess the biggest change I have noticed is how often we have to go to the grocery store now that we are having three meals a day at home. I always meal prep on Sundays, but it does not last as long as it used to!

What has been your cocktail of choice during quarantine?

I am a big wine drinker and I love red wine, but I came across a recipe for something called a “Red Moon Over Manhattan”. It has red wine, bourbon, and simple syrup and it is so delicious!

Nice to Meet You, Molly!

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