We appreciate the July Boycott initiative. That said, we want to emphasize that this initiative is being supported by large companies such as Verizon, Unilever, Coca-Cola and others. It should be noted that these companies do not sell their products to end consumers online. As a result, this initiative, which we support, will not be detrimental to their business; it will generate positive PR but ultimately not hurt their bottom line – Coca Cola can shift its spend to NBC easily.

None of Mason Interactive’s clients, are pulling July media spend on Facebook or Instagram. The small/medium/large companies in our portfolio focus on maintaining revenue streams in July due amid market volatility.  This volatility is ongoing since March.

The exit of large-brands-budgets in July will be beneficial for the businesses that stay on Facebook, as reduced competition should generate lower costs for our clients. That said, at Mason Interactive, we are here to support our partners in whatever position they decide to ultimately take.

We are always actively looking for new ways to diversify our ad partner portfolio and look forward to continuing to grow in our efforts together.



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