Raising Awareness & Online Sales with the Right Media Mix

RiseWell, a leader in natural oral care, partnered with Mason Interactive to create an integrated digital advertising program, aiming to increase overall brand exposure and drive e-commerce sales.






Increase in Revenue

Their story

RiseWell was founded by parents in search of a healthy toothpaste. They scour the world for the best ingredients, no matter the cost, to bring consumers oral care products that are both incredibly effective and 100% natural. After discovering the lack of healthy options available in the USA, they teamed up with a group of dentists to create the healthy, hydroxyapatite-based toothpaste formula that has become the flagship product for RiseWell Oral Care.

Their goal

RiseWell, fast growing, yet new-to-the-market with little brand recognition and online presence, wanted to increase its brand profile and deliver solid growth through paid media. They needed an advertising strategy that would seamlessly integrate with the wider strategy and drive combined results with other components in the marketing mix.

The approach

After fully evaluating RiseWell’s historic performance, Mason Interactive started off with testing a variety of targeting segments, placements and ad formats in order to find the best-performing combinations and better understand the entire end-to-end customer journey. The quantifiable data and metrics empowered the team to gradually scale campaigns and make informed decisions on budget. 

This multi-channel advertising plan focused on reaching users at every stage of the conversion funnel. It targeted users in two ways; social prospecting ads in conjunction with Google shopping campaigns drove brand awareness and new customer acquisition, whereas remarketing campaigns aimed at reaching users who already know RiseWell’s brand or products. 

A particular highlight of the strategy came from the giveaway campaigns RiseWell ran regularly with a goal of introducing new potential customers to the brand and growing engagement across its social channels. With new users in the social funnel, Mason Interactive effectively targeted this already engaged audience, which had much higher chances of converting, with personalized ad campaigns in Facebook and Instagram. This cost-efficient remarketing strategy, integrated with RiseWell’s PR and social efforts, brought great results. 

Throughout the partnership, Mason Interactive continuously monitored performance insights and advertising metrics and conducted audience & creative tests to determine what drove success as well as which tactics needed adjustment. Responsiveness to industry trends and changing consumer behavior was a critical part of the success, particularly on the verge of the COVID-19 outbreak when the team immediately pivoted ad copy and creatives. As a result, RiseWell exceeded their sales goals during the economic downturn with messaging that emphasized its domestically produced, all natural products. 

One of the most successful pieces of the advertising program were seasonally targeted campaigns that leveraged typical seasonal peaks within the consumer goods marketplace to deliver relevant messaging that engaged holiday audiences. For instance, RiseWell’s Valentine’s Day campaign, targeting shoppers with a holiday-specific ad copy and creative, drastically increased engagement and sales.

The results

Collaborating closely with RiseWell and it’s partners, Mason Interactive created an effective advertising program that worked in unison with RiseWell’s other marketing and PR initiatives. Within 6 months,  RiseWell was able to see a 5.5X increase in sales, while significantly reducing the advertising cost.

2.7X ROAS | 55% decrease in CPA | 6X increase in revenue

As a small, growing company, we were hesitant to spend money on advertising. After a few months with Mason, we were pleasantly surprised by how much and how rapidly our e-commerce grew. Not only were the strategies successful, the Mason team is flexible and great to work with! Thank you Mason for the hard work.

Alyssa CalamariHead of Marketing, RiseWell