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Smart Marketing Hacks for Post-Holiday Campaigns

eCommerce, Marketing Strategy
December 1, 2020
Adrian Padron

While festive cheer is spreading all around us, eCommerce retailers have their eyes set on holiday sales figures. And the expectations are high; 2020 Cyber Monday has already set the record as the biggest U.S. eCommerce day in history. 

But what happens when the holidays are over? 

Often underestimated, post-holiday marketing campaigns are a great way to stand out in the less-crowded market. When your competitors go quiet and slow down their marketing efforts, continue your sales success long after the new year with these simple marketing tips. 

Drive conversions with remarketing

Remarketing is not just for the holidays, it is an effective marketing tactic all year round. Thanks to seasonal shopping behavior, eCommerce retailers typically see an increase in website traffic during the holiday season. That traffic is made out of returning customers, new customers, and “window shoppers” who visit the website but leave without completing a purchase. Through cost-effective post-holiday remarketing campaigns you can increase conversions as much as 147% and turn window shoppers into first-time customers. 

Take advantage of low CPMs

It’s no surprise that CPMs skyrocket over the holiday shopping period. When the season ends, however, a so-called post-holiday slump occurs and CPMs show a noticeable drop. This happens when businesses decide to significantly lower, or even freeze, their advertising spend. Not a good idea. Why, you may ask? The reason is simple; shoppers still continue shopping after the New Year. A smart marketer continues running paid campaigns post-holiday and takes advantage of low advertising costs. 

Engage new subscribers with email

The festive season is a perfect opportunity to collect email sign-ups through pop-up forms and discount initiatives. If you have followed email marketing best practices, you have already built an automated welcome email series that triggers immediately when a person signs up. That’s a step one in nurturing potential customers through email marketing. The next step is to enhance your relationship and start marketing to new addresses you harvested over the holidays. Good attention-grabbers are personalized coupons, exclusive discounts, or free shipping.  

Build brand loyalty

Holiday shoppers are more willing to buy from new brands, and as a result online stores see a spike in first-time customers during the festive season. Post-holiday campaigns are a great way to deepen your relationship with new customers, and turn them into loyal, returning customers. 

Don’t forget to shift your messaging. When the holiday season ends, even your most loyal fans may feel a little overwhelmed by sales focused emails and advertising. Post-holiday marketing communication should provide respect and appreciation towards your customers, no matter if they are looking to purchase products or not. It’s a good time to draw attention to your rewards program and the benefits of joining it. 

Entice gift card holders to your store

Year after year, gift cards remain as one of the most popular items on people’s holiday wish lists. According to a survey by Inmarket, 68% of shoppers plan on purchasing gift cards more than any other items this holiday season. Talk directly to gift card holders post-holiday and give a reason to visit your store. A good starting point is to remind gift card holders that now is the time to treat themselves after shopping for others pre-holiday. 

Gather feedback and reviews

Gain insights from holiday shoppers with post-purchase email campaigns. Consider sending a quick survey about their shopping experience, or request product reviews. These insights are valuable assets that help you improve and drive sales in the new year. 

Start planning your post-holiday approach now so you are ready to hit the launch button when the festive season ends. If you need help with your 2021 marketing strategy, schedule a free consultation with our digital experts, or wrap up your year with an in-depth marketing analysis