Driving sales & efficiency with Smart Shopping campaigns during the holiday season

In preparation for the holiday rush, an online bag company Dagne Dover was looking for an efficient way to maximize its advertising spend. Together with their agency partner, Mason Interactive, the brand launched Google Smart Shopping campaigns that brought 4X ROAS over two months.







The challenge

Dagne Dover had previously experienced great success during the holiday season but they needed an effective strategy in their media mix that would help support multiple product lines in a scalable and profitable way.

The approach

Smart Shopping Campaigns was enhanced by Mason Interactive for Dagne Dover’s holiday strategy, with a customized account structure focused on seasonal business goals. Using the Target ROAS bidding strategy as part of the Smart Shopping Campaigns, the team had more control over spend and the ability to adjust goals based on inventory levels, without sacrificing return on ad spend. The product catalog was split into two specific groups in order to specify higher ROAS for high-value best sellers and lower target ROAS goals for specific collections products that needed to move inventory.

The results

Automated bidding and ad placement drastically reduced the time traditionally spent on campaign management, allowing the team to focus on strategy and account optimization. As a result, Dagne Dover saw 4X ROAS between November and December during their holiday push. By letting machine learning decide where and when to show products for customers who are more likely to buy, they attracted better quality traffic that led to +317% increase in conversions, a 66.88% increase in CVR and a -14.81% decrease in the CPA.

The Mason team understands our business goals and works closely with us to ask the right questions. With the enhancements made to our Smart Shopping campaigns strategy, we were able to expand our reach, sales and increase profitability over the extremely competitive season. Automation, and the ability to run ads across Google’s entire network throughout the consumer journey, made the solution an excellent addition to our holiday strategy.

Deepa GandhiFounder and COO, Dagne Dover