Your customers rule today’s world.

We believe in holistic marketing and focus on building unified customer journeys. Our user-centric strategies reach customers along each touchpoint - wherever they are, no matter the device.


We have a bottomless toolbox of digital marketing tactics. Depending on the stage your business is at, one tactic may work better than the other. Most often, we recommend an integrated approach for best performance.


Lead Generation

A successful lead generation strategy attracts people to your business and helps you stay on top of their minds until they are ready to purchase. Our lead generation efforts focus on the quality of leads as well as the number of leads so you can drive sustainable growth.

Customer Acquisition

Attract and engage new customers at every stage of the customer journey. We build viable customer acquisition strategies that evolve over time with industry changes and trends. This way, you can continuously win new business and retain loyal customers.


Scale your eCommerce business through shopping campaigns on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram. We build you customized shopping campaigns with the right audience and bidding strategy to meet your target ROAS. Most importantly, we optimize your campaigns for maximum profitability.

Brand Awareness

Introduce your brand to the world and reach new customers through powerful brand awareness campaigns. We help you spark unique conversations with your target audience and build great experiences for your customers from the first touch.


Capture the low hanging fruit with effective remarketing campaigns and bring potential customers back to your website. Remarketing is a quick win allowing you to reconnect with a targeted group of users who have already expressed interest in your products or services.


Whether you are a newly established brand, or looking to launch a new product or expand into a new market, you need a go-to-market strategy to introduce your brand to new audiences. We can strategize a solution for you to ensure you hit your KPIs and successfully engage with the new market.


Provide your customers a seamless experience across all channels along the buyer’s journey from awareness to conversion. We utilize data and insights to create consistent omnichannel strategies that are sure to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty, and grow your business.

Audience Growth

The bigger your online audience is, the more people you can reach organically through social media or through email marketing. If you are looking to double your social media following or triple your email list, we have the right tactics that help you reach your growth targets.


We team up with the world’s leading digital platforms and marketing technology vendors. The ever-growing tech stack guarantees our clients have access to the best strategies and user experience the market has to offer.


Marin’s automation lets us execute at scale, switching ads and creative across multiple platforms, seamlessly. It is analogous to Search Ads 360 (we think it’s better) and helps us track customers as they move across devices and publishers.


Datorama’s smart reporting gives our clients always-on access to the right KPIs, pacing goals, insights and interactive drilldowns. Datorama, by Salesforce, is the most customizable reporting software on the market.


We use Roku to reach your target audience on connected devices, wherever they’re watching. Roku’s programmatic capabilities allow for the use of first party data, as well their own proprietary data, to target individuals on OTT, linear TV, omnichannel, and more – all in one place.


Glew is a data warehouse, sales tactics, and business intelligence tool, working across all major platforms and publishers to give one ‘source of truth’ to eCommerce clients. Glew allows us to track lifetime value across platforms, networks, UTM codes, and more.


Oracle offers unique access to audience intelligence to gain deeper understanding of our clients’ customers and high value prospects, what drives them and where to engage them.


Teikametrics’ AI-powered platform ensures every advertising dollar spent on Amazon and Walmart goes to growing your business. We work with Teikametrics to deploy custom strategies, per campaign/objective, to measure the incremental impact of advertising on total sales.


Our clients reap the benefits of our close partnership with Google. As a recognized partner, Mason teams receive exclusive training on new platform solutions, access to dedicated support teams, and other perks not available to the general public.

Google Premier Partner

Google has acknowledged our expertise with a Google Premier Partner certification, positioning Mason Interactive in the top 5% of agencies worldwide.

Google Premier Partner

Google has acknowledged our expertise with a Google Premier Partner certification, positioning Mason Interactive in the top 5% of agencies worldwide.