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What You Need to Know About Google’s December Core Update 2020

December 14, 2020
Marissa Bavaro

In the beginning of December there was another Google core algorithm update, which would make that the third (and hopefully final) major algorithm update of 2020. 

Here’s What We Know

Google is notoriously elusive when it comes to their algorithm updates. They usually announce them with little information on what they actually mean. Because of that, we monitor the SERPs and industry articles on the days preceding the Google announcement. 

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

We know that there was a huge spike in ranking fluctuation on December 4th, 2020. Things seemed to have leveled out since then, but Google has reported that the update is still rolling out as of 12/10/20. Search Engine Land has put together some data on how the update has affected major industries.

Source: Search Engine Land

Stay Calm & Stick to Best Practices

In these times when rankings appear to be fluctuating, it’s important to stay calm and not make any drastic changes. Google is never going to change the fundamentals of their algorithm, so it’s safe to say that if you stick to their best practices, your website will be okay. Here are some tips on how to follow best practices:

  1. Have quality content that is updated regularly
  2. Run site audits regularly and fix any major site health issues
  3. Keep E-A-T in mind (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness)
  4. Look at your website from a user’s perspective, not from a search engine’s perspective

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