New Client Alert – Hella Cocktail Co.

February 3, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that we recently added a leading beverage brand, Hella Cocktail Co., to our growing portfolio of CPG brands.  

Founded 10 years ago in a small Brooklyn apartment, Eddie, Tobin and Jomaree started making cocktail bitters in mason jars because they couldn’t find a product on the market that fit their core preferences: Bold Flavor, Real Ingredients and Hospitality. They married the three, and Hella Cocktail Co. was born. 

From nationwide distribution in Whole Foods to being offered as an in-flight beverage option on Delta Airlines, the Hella team is shifting their focus to connecting with their end consumers and supporting the expansion of their ecommerce sales channel.

“Ten years into operating Hella Cocktail Co., we are more energized and optimistic than ever. Not only because of the successful launch of our category-defining new sparkling beverage, Bitters & Soda. But also because, perhaps for the first time, technology and consumer behavior have aligned to allow direct-to-consumer beverage brands to scale while maintaining complete control of the customer relationship”, says Eddie Simeon, Co-Founder.

Mason Interactive has a sterling reputation in both customer satisfaction and digital expertise, the vanguard of an honest, engaging, and high-return D2C business.”

Eddie Simeon – Co-Founder, Hella Cocktail

The focus of this exciting direct-to-consumer partnership is to build a long-term digital marketing strategy that will drive brand awareness and increased eCommerce sales. Mason’s team will be responsible for managing all advertising for Hella Cocktail Co.’s products, with an emphasis on growing the Bitters & Soda line. 

“We are proud to add Hella Cocktail Co. to our client portfolio”, says Mason Interactive CEO Brook Llewellyn Shepard. “With a distinguished reputation in the cocktail industry, their established and industry-vetted line of non-alcoholic mixers and products offer everything you need to win the direct to consumer game.

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Learn more about Hella Cocktail Co., here