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Mason Interactive Amplifies the Age of Holistic Digital Marketing in Happi Magazine

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July 13, 2021
Adrian Padron

Mason Interactive’s recent feature in Happi magazine discusses how brands can meet the expectations of today’s shoppers by reimagining the customer journey. The new “always-on shopping” mindset requires holistic marketing strategies that enable seamless experiences at every touchpoint. 

Holistic Digital Marketing Strategies for more (and, happier) Customers

The article starts by clearing out the pathway where brands and modern consumers meet. Customer expectations are more demanding than ever. Technology and buying power accelerate sales for brands delivering consumer-savvy over product-savvy promotions. Remaining consumer-centric means using holistic marketing to create seamless experiences along the consumer journey. 

In the article, we explain how an omnichannel approach helped Risewell, a natural oral care brand, increase sales by 5.5X. The strategy included social and shopping ads to build awareness and acquire new customers in sequence with remarketing campaigns to increase order value and drive sales. 

Knowing which devices and channels provide the most reach means “getting to the heart of your customer” for a customer-centered marketing strategy. Using Mason Interactive’s approach helps brands meet customer expectations on the platforms that matter most to your brand. Equally important, analytic tools provide data and insights you need to create audience personas, which leads Happi readers to their next step: finding the media mix. 

“To win the future, retailers must remove friction along the shopping journey, creating seamless customer experiences.”

Mason Interactive offers a complimentary digital audit to Happi readers (but you can get one, too) to help them create a “happy” mix of channels where they will find their most valuable shoppers. Book your free consultation to learn more about our agency expertise in A/B testing, audience building, and media mix strategies for holistic marketing that amplifies your brand. 

Read the full article here. 

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