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Mason Interactive Continues to Grow: New Office, New Services

News & Events
August 11, 2021
Adrian Padron

Mason Interactive announces a new, second office opening and an expansion of the service portfolio. These additions empower our clients with enhanced, integrated digital marketing solutions, driving performance for brands across all industries. 

The big day has finally come; we are pleased to announce the opening of Mason’s new office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Led by VP of Operations, Adrian Padron, the new location will operate side-by-side with the HQ location in New York City.

“Charlotte was a sensible choice for Mason. The area is a hub for great talent, fast-growing businesses, and technology innovators,” says Adrian. ”We were fortunate to find a perfect office space in one of the most vibrant, up-and-coming areas of Charlotte. The new location will help us continue to expand the agency and grow our team, allowing us to further service our clients’ evolving business needs”, he explains. 

New Services: Creative & Social Media Management

Along with the office opening, in the last few months, we have been working vigorously to expand our service portfolio. We’re proud to launch two new services that compliment our dedication to deliver integrated, holistic marketing strategies:

Creative; the creative team curates eye catching, thumb-stopping and beautifully designed ads that are aligned with the client’s brand. Creative is produced as part of a holistic strategy that’s tailored specifically for the client’s audience and their journey with the brand. 

Social Media; the social media team pairs ideas and content creation with strategy and audience insights to help brands grow faster, engage better, and ultimately sell more products through the holistic and systematic approach to social media strategy.

Welcome Shannon, Mason’s new Creative Director!

Shannon Gallaher has joined the agency as a Creative Director to build and manage the Creative department, and oversee all creative and social media services. Shannon is highly experienced in the space, with a background in DTC marketing and 7+ years of design experience.

New Creative Director at Mason Interactive

“I’m thrilled to be building this creative team at Mason Interactive— everything we produce is driven by strategy and optimized to perform.”

Shannon Gallaher, Creative Director

“There’s a common misconception that creative professionals exist solely to design beautiful brand assets. While that’s certainly a part of what we do, it’s just the tip of the iceberg”, Shannon says. “I’m thrilled to be building this creative team at Mason Interactive— everything we produce is driven by strategy and optimized to perform. We are looking forward to the client partnerships to come and are eager to help brands elevate their potential through our Creative and Social Media services”, she continues.

We would like to thank all our clients and partners for making the growth possible, as well as Mason’s team for their commitment in service excellence.The new location and expanded service portfolio are the culmination of Mason’s mission to be a trusted digital partner for fast-growing businesses.

If you have any questions regarding the new location, or Creative services, contact us here. 

You can find the new office at 1018 Jay Street, Suite 470, Charlotte, NC 28208