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New Client Alert: SOSHE Beauty

November 8, 2022
Mason Interactive

We’re excited to announce that Mason Interactive added sustainable beauty brand, SOSHE Beauty, to our growing portfolio of cosmetic brands.

Co-founders Sahar, Junyi and Aidan met by chance as participants in a startup competition as undergraduates at USC. They set out on a mission to create a product that would bridge the gap between beauty and sustainability through innovation. Their hero product, G.L.A.M. Mascara, is specifically designed to follow the FDA-recommended mascara replacement schedule to keep your eyes clean all while reducing your single-use plastic waste per Refill.

With a focus on developing refillable, easy to use, and affordable products, SOSHE Beauty recently launched a collection of refillable lip silks in 7 unique shades.

SOSHE continues to prioritize sustainability in all our business practices. This begins with plastic. We are a certified plastic negative business. For every product we sell, our partners remove 2x its weight in plastic.

This exciting new partnership will focus on growing awareness through a long-term digital marketing strategy that will support direct-to-consumer eCommerce sales. The Mason paid media strategy team will be responsible for increasing YoY revenue, and working with the SOSHE team on creative performance insights, with an emphasis on customer acquisition and retention through subscription strategies.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our digital experts, and take the first step on your journey. Learn more about SOSHE, and discover how you can recycle your empties with the SOSHE x Pact’s Mail-Back Collection Program.