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Unlocking Q4 Success: Insights from Meta’s Agency Accelerator Event

Industry Updates
September 5, 2023
Jennifer Liu

On August 7th, Mason’s team of experts attended Meta’s Agency Accelerator Event in New York City to learn about executable strategies to maximize performance for the upcoming Q4 – and Q5-season. As a Meta Business Partner, we learned valuable insights and results-driven marketing solutions.

Navigating Friction for Seamless Experiences

Friction in online experiences interferes with the path to purchase, with statistics revealing the significant impact of site structure and errors on consumer behavior. 61% of U.S. digital shoppers have abandoned an online shopping cart because the site had errors or crashes. 21% of shoppers abandoned their shopping cart due to long checkout flows, and 63% of users abandoned a site due to poor user experience. 

Some common friction points that could lead to a frustrating user experience include:

  1. Slow page load times
  2. Poor site navigation
  3. Insufficient product information
  4. Poor mobile experience
  5. No guest checkout

To ensure optimal campaign performance, swift load times, streamlined site navigation, and mobile optimization are vital for effective landing pages, and conversion rate optimization. Committing to a smooth checkout flow, providing informative product details, and implementing a guest checkout can help mitigate these challenges.  

The Full Funnel Approach

It’s no secret that we encourage brands to invest in a full-funnel strategy. Brands that focus solely on the lower funnel see diminishing returns and long-term growth. In the months leading up to BFCM, brands will achieve long-term efficiency by building audiences, introducing their products to new potential customers, and generating consistent awareness.

The funnel process, encompassing awareness, consideration, and conversion stages, guides consumers from initial engagement to final purchase. It’s worth keeping in mind that the path to purchase is not always linear: through rigorous testing and ongoing optimization, campaigns, as well as creative and messaging strategies need to be developed to meet customers where they are. As brands cater to various audience needs at different stages of their buying journey, fostering connection, brand loyalty, and focusing on opportunities to increase lifetime value go hand-in-hand. Simply put, brands with strong upper funnel investment are able to scale more quickly than brands that are relentlessly focused on the lower funnel.

Through strategic upper funnel campaigns, brands have a 22% greater incremental gain in effectiveness when running brands and considering buying objectives. When brands are leveraging upper funnel optimizations, they drive 150% greater efficiency in long-term brand metrics.

Diversify Creatives for Engagement and Awareness

Creative content becomes the driving force behind capturing attention, fostering emotional connections, and influencing purchase decisions. Unique and compelling visuals, messaging, and storytelling have the power to differentiate in a saturated marketplace, leaving a lasting impression amidst the holiday noise.

No two customer journeys are the same: Consumers have different motivations when purchasing a product. Therefore, diversifying creatives can deliver the right message to the relevant person at the right time. Diversification can be achieved through varying concepts and formats, such as emotion-led or motivation-led approaches, ensuring alignment with individual needs. Formats like Reels and Partnership Ads offer avenues to reach diverse audiences effectively.

It’s not too late to win Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Addressing friction points, implementing the full funnel strategy, and varying creatives are three actionable strategies that you can implement for Q4 success.


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