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New Client Alert: Edward Sexton

Clients, eCommerce
March 10, 2024
Mason Interactive

Exciting News! Edward Sexton, a key player in the rich history of Savile Row, brings an unparalleled legacy of craftsmanship and timeless design to our distinguished roster of fashion clients. 

Edward Sexton’s journey in the realm of music, fashion, film, art, and design began in 1969. Since then, the brand’s tailored suits have graced landmark album covers, adorned rock-aristocratic weddings, and made memorable appearances in remarkable films and live performances. Rooted in art deco elegance and fueled by the swagger of the 1970s, Edward Sexton creates suits for individuals who value creativity above all else.

In contrast to prevailing modern tailoring trends, Edward Sexton’s approach is a celebration of structure and shape. He accentuates natural strengths and skillfully disguises imperfections. Jackets gently flare over the hips, seamlessly merging into tapered trouser legs, while high armholes provide comfort and freedom of movement. The high trouser fork allows ample light through the legs, elongating the figure.

Edward Sexton’s commitment goes beyond trends; it’s about crafting suits that transcend time. As he aptly puts it, 

“A suit is about so much more than dressing a person. It’s about romance, and presenting an image.”

Our strategic collaboration is designed to propel revenue growth, drive new customer acquisition, expand channels, and fortify brand reach and loyalty in key markets. Together, we are committed to not only elevating revenue streams but also fostering lasting customer connections and expanding market presence.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our digital experts, and visit Edward Sexton to shop for meticulously crafted suits.