On the Internet: News You May Have Missed (3)

By February 4, 2014 No Comments

JC Penney Pretends To Be Totally Wasted at SuperBowl, Marc Jacobs Shop Accepts Cash, Credit and TWEETS, Facebook Helps Us Cut Out The Middleman and Launches Paper App – What You Missed On the Internet from MasonInteractive.com.

JC Penney just wanted you to think they were drunk tweeting during last night’s SuperBowl. They admitted stunt was a total success, if by total success you mean a completely inorganic “Oreo moment” that will be forgotten in a week, then yes, it was a success … [BuzzFeed]

Apparently, social media does pay off: You can go into NYFW Marc Jacobs Pop-Up and receive a free MJ gift with purchase fragrance products by sending a tweet (or facebook Tweeting, Instagraming or Facebooking. You know what brands should totally give away their products for free? Neither do we. [Fashionista]

Platform News Alert – Facebook Announced last week Website Custom Audiences for Facebook Ads. This feature will allow brands to target website visitors and mobile app users WITHOUT having to use FBX 3rd Party Partners. [AllFacebook] In related news, Adroll & Perfect Audience are like, totally, not speaking to Facebook right now. Facebook Launched it’s free gesture-driven mobile newsfeed app Paper yesterday… for more details check out our review of Facebook Paper [MasonInteractive].