Meet The Team- 10 Questions With Brian Poole

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Meet The Team is where we feature one member of our team a month, so you can get to know a bit more about us, apart from what our voices sound like on the phone during our weekly updates with you.

Brian Poole, or Poole, as we all call him, heads up our Email Services division. He is our resident all-things-email expert. Brian’s ability to seamlessly integrate his team with the various moving parts required to deliver multi-tiered, efficient, and effective email campaigns is why our clients enjoy working with him so much. Since moving to Vermont (where he works remotely), we don’t get to see him in person as much as we’d like to, so he gave us a framed picture of himself just so, ya know, we wouldn’t forget what he looks like (even though we FaceTime with him daily).

If I wasn’t in digital marketing, I would… be a ski bum. If not in New York City, I would live… in Burlington, Vermont…oh wait. If I had to be outdoors all day, I would… assume it’s the weekend, because that when I’m outdoors all day. [probably to make up for the fact that he’s glued to his computer the rest of the week] If I could go back in time for one decade, it would be… The 1490s so I could discover america…come on, celebration city! [We’re not quite sure what he means but we’re going to assume that he thinks the 1490s would have ‘wicked cool paatying’…] As A Teenager, I was totally into… My initial answer is not workplace appropriate so let’s go with riding my bike. The fictional character I’d be best friends with in real life is… Curious George. [Would you wear a big yellow hat?] The last thing I purchased online was… Christmas presents. The last book I read was… BRUCE by Pete Ames Carlin (the Springsteen biography I got for Christmas). The last song I listened to was… Franky Fell in Love by Bruce Springsteen My cocktail of choice is… a Manhattan.


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