On the Internet: News You May Have Missed (4)

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Sephora Launching Social Network ‘Beauty Board’, New Apps: Ken Burns, the Closet We All Want, Plus Now There’s Seamless for Booze, and Social Media: Is she the New ‘It Girl’ at NYFW?

What You Missed On the Internet from MasonInteractive.com – Launching in March, the beauty retailer extraordinaire, is attempting to expand their shopping experience in efforts to keep customers social but onsite. Sephora ‘Beauty Board’ will provide an unlimited, user-generated stream of hair and makeup inspiration. [WWD] Pinterest Can Hardly Contain Its….indifference.

Appy Day App Happy: These Apps Are Worth Giving A Once Over: Mini Bar: It’s seamless delivery but for Booze! Now serving Manhattan and Parts of Brooklyn! Stylebook: Cher Horowitz Outfit-Picking Closet in an App, plus packing lists, outfit scheduler etc. Ken Burns: Explore American History From Ken Burns Viewpoint.

So Fashion People Have Finally Jumped On the Social Media Bandwagon this season with socially integrated showings for Fall 2014 from fashion mainstays such as Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, Tommy Hilfiger, and Victoria Beckham. [FastCo, DailyNews].