On the Internet: News You May Have Missed (5)

By February 18, 2014 No Comments

Facebook Can Predict Your Dating Future, STD Free? Now You Can Prove It plus Mobile Ads in 2014 Go Native. What You Missed On the Internet from MasonInteractive.com – Facebook knows when you’re about to be in a relationship before you do. In a blog post on Friday, Facebook released a report that finds future couples interact more on each other’s Facebook timelines before being ‘in a relationship’. Once statuses have changed, couples post less because they are ya know, in a relationship. [Facebook] So, Yeah There’s An App For That: Hula, which enables sharing of verified STD test results, claims to makes a certain conversation between prospective romantic partners “less awkward” with their smartphone app. While we are all for safe sex, we cannot imagine a more awkward exchange between soon-to-be romantic partners. [Mashable]

Mobile Ads in 2014: After years of trying to figure out the mobile ad aesthetic, it appears a pattern is emerging and it looks…exactly like all of your apps. Native advertising, such as Sponsored Stories in your Facebook App Newsfeed, is what Mobile Ads will look like this year. [BuzzFeedTech]