On The Internet: News You May Have Missed (12)

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Heartbleed Gets Worse, Google Goes All Minority Report-y On Consumers, The Fins Pro-Hall&Oates, and Finally Social Media Marketers Get A Theme Song… What You Missed On the Internet from MasonInteractive.com:

You Haven’t Heard of Heartbleed? No, it’s not Kanye’s follow-up to 808s & Heartbreak. It’s the morbid but not entirely as scary a name as it should be for the massive security breach going on right now. Apparently because the problem is (very) technical, it’s difficult for regular users to understand why this vulnerability is a big deal, besides the fact that every news outlet tells you that it is. Trying to understand it all? Get the full Geeksplanation. [Mashable]

PLATFORM WATCH – Platform News Alert: Google is attempting the impossible…again. Getting very Minority Report-y. They reportedly just launched a pilot program with six advertisers to try and connect online marketing to offline sales with an ‘in-store attribution transaction reporting’ mechanism in AdWords. [SearchEngineWatch] Design Firms Realize Tumblr’s A Thing Tumblr Adds Curalate Visual Analytics To Platform [SocialTimes]

We should all be more like Finland. They put Hall & Oates on their stamps to celebrate homoerotic art… not really H2O but Tom of Finland, a global icon of contemporary gay culture. [TheVerge] What do nerds think of Mike Judge’s new HBO spoof Silicon Valley? They love it, or at least, we do. Some are dubbing it (not us, of course) the Nerdy Entourage. [Mashable] We are just in it for the sardonic take on the new it thing…Mike Judge always gets it just right (think Idiocracy). What do you think? Will you be watching? GONE VIRAL (for the the wrong reasons) viral videos from Mason Interactive boutique digital marketing firm NYC Let’s Get Social?

Finally, a theme song for all us social media marketers to rally around. [youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itvvFfeLh84” ] This “song” from the first Social Media Marketing Week in Vegas is well…something. And if by something, we mean horrific and completely cringe-worthy. Can we be Simon Cowell for a moment? Mason Interactive – Let’s Get Social Thanks. Also, we apologize for not posting this when we were first given this gem of an ear-sore last week but we didn’t think it warranted it’s own post (which it clearly did).


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