5 Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest Profile for SEO Right Now

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Leverage Your Pinterest profile for SEO in 5 Easy Steps. Excerpt from free e-book. Below are the Top 5 things you can do right now to improve your Pinterest profile for SEO Purposes:

1.) Choose A Pinterest-friendly Profile Picture: Your Pinterest profile picture dimensions are 160×160 pixels. Your image should be square and at least that size. If not, your profile picture may be distorted or blurry. Large images may fail to upload, so resize large pictures before you upload them. When choosing your profile image remember, it should be legible on small screens as well as recognizable from a brand perspective.

2.) About Description: Make It Keyword-Rich 160 character limit for a simple, succinct keyword-rich overview of your brand.

3.) Title Your Boards: Short and Sweet Keep board titles under 28 characters so they are fully visible. If you find you need more space to title your board, you should use that as your board description and think of something simple that your followers will understand and search Pinterest for.

4.) Add Board Descriptions: Don’t forget to add a description of your board! Pinterest allows 500 characters, but aim for 200-300. Pinterest users search for inspiration on Pinterest (or ‘pinspiration’ as they say) by typing keywords into their search bars. To get your Pinterest page, boards, or pins from your site to show up, use specific branded keywords + Pinterest category names whenever possible. Search bar – Pinterest profile for SEO masoninteractive.com

5.) Rearrange Your Boards: What’s an easy way to keep your profile looking fresh and up-to-date? Rearrange your boards! Below you can see how Skinnytaste.com, the recipe blog, puts the most relevant boards on the top. This practice is also essential for generating and increasing engagement on Pinterest. Boards are the first thing users see on your page so you want the most topical above the fold (top 2 rows on profile). 


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