How To Buy Ads On Social Media 2014: 5 Top Tips For Facebook Advertising

By July 7, 2014 No Comments

Facebook remarketing 2013 was a big year for Facebook’s advertising business. The company revamped the ads platform and their Power Editor. This gave users a cleaner, friendlier interface, more useful and advanced reporting options and an objective-oriented ad experience. They also launched conversion tracking, allowing advertisers to directly attribute conversions on their websites and landing pages to Facebook ads. We’re only a few months into 2014 and Facebook has already announced the rollout of Ad Sets, which allow users to organize their ads into sets within each campaign. All these changes can make it hard to stay on top of best practices for the ad platform and ensure that your business is fully exploiting everything Facebook ads have to offer. Will Facebook’s right-rail ads finally disappear in 2014? It may be too soon to sound the death knell for Facebook’s right-side “banner spam” – after all, these ads work well for many advertisers, are a good medium for retargeting, and generate plenty of revenue for Facebook. However, it’s clear we’re moving into a new era of News Feed advertising.