Twitter Agency Accounts, Please.

By August 21, 2014 No Comments

Our agency is steadily porting our edu clients over to Twitter’s advertising platform. We love it. Here’s the issue: There’s no Twitter agency account capability. This means that we have to log in separately to each account. This is not a big pain, really. What is a big pain: I have to put my own corporate credit card in their accounts. Why is this a problem? Because my credit card is now in the hands of whatever intern has log ins to a client’s twitter account. Side note: Because our clients aren’t seeing a real, scaleable ROI attached to Twitter, it’s given less attention. The CMO of a Sterling Partners portfolio company certainly does have log ins to his adwords account handy; it’d be silly not to. But nobody’s getting dozens of daily applicants to their school via Twitter, so it falls down the totem pole to an associate or intern. It’s simply not on the CMO’s radar. So if the intern decides to change the password – a perfectly likely event – or we part ways with the client – it happens – our corporate card is essentially held hostage. God forbid clients starts spending $30,000 monthly on Twitter – this would give us real hesitation. So the suggestion is: Create a Master-Agency-Account capability. Let that account have restricted permissions in a client’s account. Give us the option to use our CC for the media spend. Give us a mechanism to retract/remove our CC if we ever need to. It would certainly make us less hesitant to spend more.