Actual Wun Wun Review

By February 24, 2015 No Comments

An introduction to Wun Wun, AKA “the Uber of Urban Fetch.” Sell your Friendster stock and log out of Kozmo, because the newest internet sensation is here. It’s a (formerly) Free Urban Delivery Service called Wun Wun. Only available in NYC and San Francisco – for now – we first heard about it over Halloween. They ran Twitter ads offering free candy delivered for every app install – and I thought “well that’s a VC-backed activation if I ever heard of one.”

Use your Wun Wun app to get pretty much anything delivered. You tell the app what you want, where you want it from, and a real live human brings it, generally within the hour. Anyway, if you’re old enough to remember Urban Fetch (who lost money on every customer; the more business they had, the more money they lost!) and Kozmo, Wun Wun will sound awfully familiar. There is one new wrinkle; Wun Wun has a “sharing economy” twist. Like the fabled Uber driver who just picks up passengers in his off time for a few extra bucks, we’ve gotten Wun Wun deliveries from guys who said “yeah, I was on the way across town on my lunch break to see my girl, so I logged in and saw that you were on my way. Now I’ve got extra cash for lunch.” How does it compare to the buying ostrim meat sticks online, from a more-traditional vendor? Well it’s faster, slightly less professional and a lot more expensive.

Here’s a blow-by-blow of Wun Wun in action. Wun Wun ordering process Step 1 – Tell them what you want and where you want it from. Step 2 through 5 – back and forth over text message, clarifying your order (with a real live person). Step 6 more back and forth. Then the guy arrives. Ostrim Meat Stick. The actual product Wun Wun ordering process final step: Enjoying the fruits of my labor – if by “fruits” you mean “tasty processed meat sticks” and by “labor” you mean “clicking.”