New clients often ask us “What will success look like?”

That is a very hard question to answer, because it means different things to different brands.

For one of my clients, success is selling all of their left-over inventory.  For another, success is “increasing top line revenue by 200% year over year.” A third defines success as “making the board confident enough in the CEO, to reinvest.”  A fourth defines success as “being able to survive if Nordstrom cancels our order.”  A fifth calls it “growing incremental net sales by 2X Quarter over quarter.”

So everyone is unique.

If you’re a fashion or lifestyle brand thinking of hiring us, and without knowing much about you, specifically, I’d define success as:

  1. Using Search, Social, and Video, to develop a robust direct-to-consumer channel, increasing net revenue

  2. Develop a marketing/sales report that everyone in the organization, from the C-level to the interns, can understand and operate on

  3. Increase your organization’s digital savvy, to compete with today’s digitally-native brands

  4. Tracking every dollar, such that we spend $1 to make $3


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