We have four teams at Mason: An SEO team, an Email team, a Marketing team, and a Media team.

As we grow, we are proud to announce a restructuring of one of the teams to better serve our clients.

Our Media team has been refashioned into two distinct “pods,” or teams. Each “pod” is a group of four people, led by a seasoned professional with at least 5 years industry experience. The teams are named “Turbo” and “Hawk.”

This means that some people on a client team might be changing. In no case will everyone on an account change, but some restructuring of account teams may occur.

There are three strong, positive reasons to do this.

First, this structure gives employees a clearer career path, strengthening institutional knowledge of client accounts.

Second, it gives clients more stability. If person # 3 on Team Turbo leaves, there are still three people on the account that know the business – in addition to the fact that every account is touched by the Director and also the Managing Director.

Third, it lets us train our staff across disciplines. Today, everyone on the team is either Adwords certified, or Facebook Blueprint Certified. Soon, everyone on each team will be certified in both Adwords and Facebook.

These three very strong upsides are worth the one-time temporary disruption of moving one Performance Marketing Specialist from one client account to another.


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