Google Marketing Live is an annual invite-only event that Mason Interactive is proud to be part of. Last week, we travelled to San Francisco for the two-day event to learn about Google’s new ad products and how we can utilize them to reach customers in more enriching and assistive ways throughout their journey.

The journey of Paid Search marketing has been an exciting one with more automated ad units coming into the picture even as we are writing this blog post. 20 years ago we only had text ads that were difficult to personalize, but thankfully, Google makes an effort to always put the customer first.

Let’s review a few new product announcements that will help enhance our strategies in the very near future.

Discovery Ads

People are willing to interact with new information that they find interesting and valuable. Google is now claiming that they can anticipate this interest and openness to discovery, which allows marketers to reach consumers with rich and relevant creatives to make brand introductions. Qualified and performance-based awareness brings value to customers and marketers alike.

Gallery Ads

Everyone knows carousels from Instagram, but they never come to mind when thinking about Paid Search or the text heavy environment of traditional SERP. Gallery Ads is Google’s newly introduced ad format that should be combined with an optimal rotation of both expanded (ETA) and responsive (RSA) search ads. Advertisers and brands can upload up to eight images that users will be able to swipe through and click to expand for a more immersive experience. We see these being a great addition to fashion brands’ strategy, where we can reach a broader set of keywords with more enriching & assistive visual experiences.

Let’s talk more about Google Marketing Live and how you can apply these new customer experiences to your marketing strategy.


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