We welcome French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), the country’s leading French language and cultural center, to Mason’s diverse client roster.

Founded at the turn of the 20th century, FIAF’s mission is to create and offer innovative and unique programs in education and the arts that explore the evolving diversity and richness of French culture.

FIAF will benefit from the depth of our team’s unique capabilities in managing their social media and search strategies, where we’ll act as an extension to FIAF’s in-house team. Mason’s client-centric approach puts close agency-client collaboration and agility at the heart of this brand new partnership.

We are honored to work with this not-for-profit organization to develop strategies that help FIAF achieve their goals, says Mason Interactive CEO Brook Llewellyn Shepard. “I know I should say something about how, ‘as their strategic partner we can add more value for FIAF’s digital marketing efforts and reach new audiences.’ but the truth is I am amped to work with them. I have childhood memories of using their library with my father, and it’s a real honor to work with them today.”

More about French Institute Alliance Française here.


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