Last week we wrote about the upcoming update to Facebook’s attribution window from 28 to 7 days as the default, planned to take place on October 12th. This week, we want to bring you a new update on the topic from our friends at Facebook.

The default attribution window will remain unchanged for the rest of 2020, due to a large influx of feedback from Facebook’s agency partners like Mason interactive. Keep in mind that these are real time updates on information we receive, we’ll be sure to update this content if things change!

Facebook’s plan to update the attribution window just before the big holiday push certainly came as a surprise to us all. Whereas the planned change isn’t going to impact ad performance, we weren’t particularly thrilled about it being rolled out during such a key time of year.

What does this mean for you as an advertiser?

  • Good news
  • Consistent data flow
  • Minimal disruption to bidding algorithm (this can never be zero)
  • Expecting an attribution window update in Q1 of 2021

Thank you for listening, Facebook, we appreciate having the extra data to navigate through the holiday season.

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