By now, you have probably started preparing your strategy for Black Friday and the December holiday sales. The upcoming holiday season is predicted to be eCommerce-driven, with more businesses than ever before competing for the attention of online shoppers. 

It is a huge opportunity to tap into the online audience and drive traffic to your eCommerce store, but how do you recreate the in-store feel-good experience digitally? By feel-good experience we mean the physical experience of browsing the store aisles with festive songs playing in the background, interacting with a sales associate, and all other sensorial elements of in-store shopping. 

We listed 7 ideas to help you enhance the digital shopping experience and stand out this holiday season. Continue reading or watch the Holiday Sales webinar for expert insights on how to prepare for the 2020 holiday season. 

#1 Microsites

Create a microsite with branded content to highlight a specific product line or a campaign, or focus on a niche audience group. Alternatively, you can leverage a digital storefront to tell your brand story through an immersive, digital experience. Shops on Instagram, for instance, is essentially a lookbook that makes it easier for shoppers to browse your product catalog and curated collections, and check prices without leaving the app. 

#2 Reviews & Testimonials

Product reviews are the cornerstone of an online store and an essential element when building trust on your products and brand. In fact, 89% of consumers read reviews before buying products. Ensure your website has authentic reviews and real testimonials from your customers. Avoid pushing for reviews that aren’t rooted in real customer experiences. 

89% of consumers read reviews before buying products.”

#3 Email 

Stay top of mind and send emails regularly to highlight your promotions and seasonal products. Keep the communication going with potential customers through effective email nurturing and drip campaigns. Don’t forget post-purchase emails to generate reviews after the festive season – they are a great asset to drive sales all year round! 

#4 Live Chats

Deliver the best customer service during the holiday rush by staying alert and prepared to handle the increased volume of customer requests. Consider using a live chat on your website or a Facebook Messenger campaign to bring that white glove sales associate experience shoppers get in-store.

#5 Videos

Enhance the digital shopping experience with creative content that goes beyond static product photos. Help customers make the purchase decision through a product video that gives a complete picture of the product, demonstrate what they can do with your product, and explain the benefits of the product. 

#6 Influencer Content & UGC

In addition to branded videos, influencer content is a great way to show how your products work in real life. With nearly 50% of consumers depending on influencer recommendations, leveraging an influencer to curate stories, photos, and videos that feature your product can have a huge impact on your sales. User Generated Content (UGC) is a good alternative to add authenticity and social proof. 

#7 Memes & Stickers

Engage consumers in social media with thumb-stopping memes and fun stickers. They allow you to share your brand voice while attracting more follows and shares. There is a lot of room this holiday season for this type of marketing that has both experimental as well as direct commerce side.

Hopefully, these tips have given you fresh ideas to think outside the box this holiday season. The holiday rush will be here before you know it, so start planning now. If you need help with your strategy, book a consultation with our digital experts. 

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