Performance marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves statistics and math to generate measurable results like leads, sales, and clicks. A good definition for performance is the action behind your digital strategy outputs. Performance marketers use the full-marketing funnel to inspire desirable behavior from your customers. 

How do you use Performance Marketing?

A big part of a marketing plan is to create a strong foundation for your brand. Beautiful creatives, tick. A fabulous website, tick. Attractive packaging, tick. Almost there! Now, how do you get people to find and interact with your brand and products online? Encouraging customers to provide their information, click a link, and purchase your product requires relevant and visible advertising.

Types of Performance Marketing

What are some ways to improve your brand’s online performance and compel customers to act?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allow your relevant products and services to reach customers who need them most. Display advertising attracts attention and sends visible reminders to potential customers about the benefits of your products or services. Email marketing builds relationships with customers, so they become your lifelong brand advocates producing continuous revenue. 

Depending on your goals, you can decide on a media mix strategy to meet the consumer whenever they’re ready. For example, here’s a glimpse at our media mix strategy:

Over time, you’ll accumulate historical data that shows you where people take action at each part of the marketing funnel. Then, you can turn that data into information to build smarter digital marketing strategies for your campaigns. Because of performance marketing, you’re able to better target segments, personalize your services, and increase sales while maximizing ad spend and resources. That’s how you’ll achieve growth. 

Is Performance Marketing magic?

Full transparency – there is no magic button. Excelling at performance marketing requires creativity, data intelligence, analytics, and tracking. It also involves team communication, the right tech stack, and efficient campaign management.

As a performance marketing agency, brands come to us when they want to scale their marketing efforts and grow their business. Our magic is in our expertise, experience, and partnerships with leading technology vendors and platforms. Their magic is within a superpower-product, its offerings, and the desire to build their brand. 

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