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GDPR Compliance

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At Mason, our worldwide client base means that we’re up to date on the latest trends not just in the USA, but around the world.

Lately, the GDPR has become a big topic of conversation.  People disagree what its affect will be, and we’ve prepared some guidance, below, for our clients.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is regulation that strengthens data protection for individuals in the European Union.  These laws apply to nearly all businesses with customers, potential customers, or any consumer data in the EU, and obligate these businesses to protect their clients’ data.

It obligates businesses in several ways:

First, the software you use for emailing files, contacting customers, and storing data must be compliant.  The onus is on you, the business owner, to only hire GDPR-compliant providers.

Second, businesses must re-draft their opt-in clauses to be in line with the law.

Third, you need to let users edit, delete, or just access, their data.  I imagine that there is a business here for an enterprising developer to create and sell as an SAS.

Four, you need to edit your terms of service to be compliant, stating clearly that you will use cookies, and everything else at your disposal, to give your customer their best journey.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  My own feeling is that clients’ Facebook performance will not be very impacted, that Google’s Audience tactics (RSLA, etc…) will take a hit, but that things will level off.


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