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Summer Internships In NYC Coming To An End

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As our summer internships in nyc come to an end, we say goodbye. One intern, Vivian, has worked here off and on for about three years, and so we’re extra-sorry to see her go. But our loss is Charleston’s gain. Without further ado, here’s our exit interview with Vivian Eisenberg.

How long have you worked here? Well, I started at Mason in May of 2013. And ever since, I have been interning for them on and off during my summer and winter college breaks, so it has been a patchy two years. What are you studying in College, and where? I am studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at the College of Charleston in the lovely Charleston, SC. How closely has what you learned in school about marketing, correlated to what you’ve done here? I actually just started taking my core business classes this past year. Last semester when my Marketing 302 professor presented a couple of PowerPoint slides about SEO, it was sort of thrilling to already be acquainted with the real-life application of it. So I would say what I have learned in school about marketing has vaguely touched on the fundamentals of what I do at Mason. What’s the best part about working here? I would have to say the amusing and distinct vibe here- the fact that it is not a quiet office with cubicles. The spunky, modern touch here joined with the Pandora music in the background definitely makes us different from a lot of other companies in Corporate America. And of course, my friendly co-workers! Are we going to see you again? I can only hope so! I can only learn more and more about SEO at Mason, which I intend to keep doing, possibly even as a full-time career– after I backpack in Thailand for a little that is… Vivian Eisenberg at Mason Interactive Vivian, our longest-tenured intern, is saying goodbye for the summer.


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