We’re joining forces with St. Augustine College, our newest education client, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! 

St. Augustine College is an independent, bilingual higher education institution with a diverse student population and in-demand Associate and Bachelor degree programs. Their mission is “to make the American system of higher education accessible to a diverse student population with emphasis on those of Hispanic descent; to strengthen ethnic identity; to reinforce cultural interaction; and to build a bridge to fill cultural, educational, and socio-economic gaps.”

Our team of enrollment marketing specialists will manage paid media for St. Augustine College to help them promote their excellent programs and reach prospective students. Brook Llewellyn Shepard, CEO of Mason Interactive, expresses his sincere gratitude for the opportunity to help St. Augustine College reach new heights. He states, “St. Augustine College pursues the best of their students, their culture, and their programs. We’re excited to use our multicultural and bilingual resources to help them succeed.”

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To learn more about St. Augustine College, click here.

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