Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing around. Not only is it effective at turning prospects into buyers, but it is a process that can be completely automated to save time and money. 

Surrounding the holidays, email marketing help businesses reach new potential buyers and turn them into repeat customers. Here are our tips for using email marketing services as an effective strategy during the holiday season.

Email Marketing Tips & Tricks for the Holidays


When engaging customers in email marketing, you want to make sure you put the right product in front of your audience. It is best to offer discounts on your lower priced products earlier in the holiday season. This is when customers will be shopping around for many people and many different gifts. They do not want a high-priced product offer sent to them because it is not something they are interested in…yet.

If you have higher priced products you are interested in offering discounts on, WAIT. The second week of December is the best time to discount more expensive items. For people who have neglected to find gifts for others or just waited too long, they are less likely to turn something down from price due to lack of availability.

So, when it comes to products, you want to discount your lower priced items earlier in the season and wait until the second week of December to discount your higher priced items. In addition, make sure to stress shipping deadlines and parameters. Let customers know the last day they will be able to get next day delivery, and make sure they can actually get it before the holiday.


The offer is the meat and potatoes of your email marketing strategy during the holidays. Hundreds of thousands of companies are sending out offer emails during holiday time; how can you make yours stand out? Well, you need to offer something that cannot be overlooked. 

Rather than going with a cute ‘12 Days of Christmas Deal’ approach and offering small discounts for those twelve days, offer a bigger discount for a shorter time-frame. Providing customers with a bigger discount and less time to use it not only makes them feel a sense of urgency, but helps them feel confident in knowing that they got a good deal.


The time you send out your holiday emails is extremely important. You want to start early, and earlier than what you may think is early. If you are planning to ramp up the volume of emails you send, you need to do it slowly. Going from sending one email a week to one email a day will most likely send your emails to spam, reducing the amount of people that see them. Starting in September, slowly start to send more emails weekly, and by holiday time you will make sure your emails don’t go to spam. 

Offers emails should be sent out the week before Thanksgiving for best results; whether you are letting customers know what the offer will be or actually starting them. Currently, since in-store shopping has seen a decline, it is best practice to keep your offer valid all month long, so customers can truly take advantage. 

Looking past holiday time, you may see declines in some of your email performance. This can be normal, due to the decrease in emails that go out weekly or monthly, and customers have already gotten what they needed. 

The three most important factors that you need to consider when incorporating email marketing services into your advertising are Product, Offer, and Timing. As long as you remember these, you will surely have a successful holiday season. If you are looking to add email marketing to your business’ advertising services, please contact us or schedule a free marketing analysis with one of our expert marketers.

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