Here at Mason Interactive, we embrace close collaboration between our team of digital marketing specialists. Even virtually, we host regular happy hours and company outings to maintain our company culture. This is especially important when onboarding new employees virtually. 

Marissa Bavaro, an SEO Manager, was our first team member to be welcomed to the Mason family virtually earlier this Summer. Let’s learn a little bit more about Marissa and how she is enjoying Mason so far.

Who is Marissa Bavaro?

Where do you live and how long have you been at Mason?

I live in Long Island, NY and I joined Mason as an SEO Manager a few months ago.

What is your favorite thing about Mason?

I am loving how close-knit everyone is. Of course, we all have our own responsibilities, but we work together as a team and there is always someone ready and willing to help you if you need it.

Do you have any hobbies, pets, etc.?

I just got a new kitten named Mochi! She’s already the love of my life but besides her, my hobbies include pretty much anything creative: baking, painting, candle making, and crocheting. I love working with my hands to create something useful and beautiful!

What does a typical work day look like for you?

I start my morning with the 9:15 all-hands zoom call where we all go over the plan for the day. I then either get straight to work on client’s websites, or I have a zoom meeting with Team Rocket (the SEO team) to go over priorities. My days consist of client meetings and then focusing on getting client work done. We round that all off with another all-hands zoom meeting at 5:15 to close out the day.

What are your must-have WFH essentials?

I have a desk in my bedroom where I sit sometimes, but I like to move around a lot during the day. I get the best lighting in my kitchen so I like to take client calls from there when I can. Coffee and seltzer are also very much essential to my everyday life. I would not be able to function without Dunkin and carbonated water.

Do you have a specific WFH “vibe”?

I love working from home, I am a total homebody, but I do miss the social aspect of being in the office. Nothing beats my 2 second commute from my bed to my desk though. Fall scented candles are definitely a big part of my WFH vibe, mainly anything that smells like marshmallows. Throw in a good podcast or Charlie XCX’s new album and I am ready to get stuff done. 

What do you think the biggest change has been for you since quarantine?

The biggest changes for me since quarantine are starting my job here at Mason and getting Mochi. Both changes that I’m very grateful for! Back in August when we had a mild hurricane, most of us lost power at home. It was difficult to deal with working from home and not having power *at home*. Normally, I would just go to a Starbucks to get my work done, but due to the pandemic, that couldn’t really happen. Nevertheless, we figured it out as a team!

Nice to Meet You, Marissa!

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