Are you currently running ads on Facebook? Did you know that running too many ads at the same time can decrease your overall account performance? When there are too many ads live, chances are your ads will never exit the learning phase. This is why Facebook is implementing a limit to the number of ads running (or under review) per page.

What is the Learning Phase?

The Facebook learning phase is an important part of the optimization process. The learning phase works by optimizing your ad set to your selected objective. The more an ad is served, the better the delivery system becomes at improving its performance. An ad set will exit the learning phase when its performance stabilizes. When an account has too many ads in rotation, they may never exit the learning phase and the system will not have enough data to prioritize what is performing best.

What are They Limiting By?

Facebook will be limiting the amount of ads a page can serve. If your account is running efficiently, this should not be an issue for you. The more you spend on Facebook, the more ads you will be able to serve. Ad limits range from 250 ads per page, to 20,000 ads per page. Ad limits depend on the size of your business and the amount you spend on each page.

How do I know what my ad limit is?

Ad limits vary depending on the amount you spend on the Facebook platform. The less you spend per month, the less ads you are able to run. You can see the ad limit for each of your pages by navigating to the Ad Limits Per Page tool in your Business Manager.

Facebook Ad Limits | Mason Interactive

How Will This Affect Me?

Chances are this change in policy will not affect your business.  If your account is optimized properly, and you are running an efficient amount of ads per ad set, your page will not be harmed by this update. Companies of any size will still be able to test hundreds of ads at a time, but ad limits ensure that advertisers spend their budget in an effective way.

Making sure that accounts are optimized properly is the best way to remain unaffected by this ad limit. Our team of digital marketing experts optimizes each account according to clients’ goals. Contact us for more information or schedule a free marketing analysis with one of our digital marketing experts to see how we can help you.

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