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Google announced today that Google+ results are going to start showing up in regular ‘ol Google search results. The basis of our SEO program – anybody’s SEO Program, really – is getting links back to your page. Google recognizes these links as “votes of confidence.”

This makes perfect sense: I live in Brooklyn. Tony lives in Queens. If Tony and I each wrote a blog about living in Brooklyn, we can reason that more people would find my blog useful, and thus link back to it. Google counts these links, seeing each as a “vote of confidence,” and so a search for “living in Brooklyn” would be more likely to show my blog than Tony’s.

We saw this coming, this ranking of Google + results, and all of our SEO customers either have now or will shortly have Google + pages. The work isn’t over – we’ll be optimizing and tweaking the back end of these pages over the coming months. Nobody can tell you exactly the extent to which these Google+ results will influence search over all, but we do know that they will have some effect. And it’s a fair bet that since Google owns Google+, it’ll be a big one. Next month I’ll write everyone about .pdf depositories, another back-link strategy we’re ramping up.


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