Casio boosts sales with a data-driven email marketing program

The consumer electronics manufacturer partnered with Mason Interactive to boost e-commerce sales, resulting in a strong double digit increase in sales during the first 6 months of the new email program.

Increased sales

Increased open rate

Increased conversion rate

Their story

Global innovator

Casio is a globally-renowned manufacturer of innovative watches, digital keyboard pianos, calculators, projectors, cash registers. Its iconic G-SHOCK watches are known for being extremely durable digital and analog-digital watches, trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Their goal

Enhanced customer journey

Casio set out to launch a revamped email program in the United States that focused on having subscribers be the first to know about new product drops and high demand, limited-edition releases. E-commerce sales growth was central to this new strategy.

Their solution

Putting data at the core

Mason Interactive was tasked to build a performance-driven email marketing program that would better leverage Casio’s existing subscriber database and nurture potential customers.

The first step was to collect user data and identify behavioral patterns to enable data-driven decision making for future campaigns. During the discovery process, Mason Interactive ran several trial emails and A/B tested subject lines, designs, imagery, and delivery times. These learnings allowed Mason to both optimize the email sends and create segments in order to communicate with individuals according to their preferences.

Helping customers through their decision-making process is an important part of the new email program. The team built several email automation sequences to connect with leads based on their shopping behaviors and their stage in the purchase process. Understanding that sometimes shoppers get distracted while browsing products, these email series help shoppers pick up right where they left off in the shopping flow.

Each email campaign relies on the quality of contacts and their actions, as well as maximized deliverability. To optimize campaign success, Mason Interactive’s team performs regular list hygiene activities. By concentrating on the most active users, the team has increased open and click rates significantly. The data quality improvement process also helps to avoid spam filters because email service providers calculate opens, clicks and inactivity, to decide how, where and if an email will reach subscriber’s inbox.

Their Success

Continuous sales growth

With Mason Interactive’s ongoing efforts to improve and optimize email performance, Casio is achieving their goals for the renewed email program. During the first 6 months, the program delivered strong double digit increases in sales, open rate and conversion rates.



Casio’s strategic initiative was to build and launch a much more robust email program. We reviewed several firms and selected Mason to partner with us in building it out. I am happy to report that the partnership has been successful to date. They played an important role both in migrating our program to a new platform and in setting into motion a plan for steady growth. In fact, we experienced 6 months of continuous sales growth through our email program.

Neil WilczekDirector of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, Casio