Raising a Toast to a Lucrative Partnership!

A premium mixology company, Hella Cocktail Co., was looking to scale eCommerce sales and introduce its newest beverage, Bitters & Soda, to an entirely new audience. Since partnering with Mason Interactive, the mixology manufacturer has achieved a 36% increase in total revenue. 


increase in total revenue


increase in returning customers

Their story

Founded in 2011, Hella Cocktail Co. started as a hobby of three friends making cocktail bitters in a Brooklyn apartment. The mixology manufacturer has taken the industry by storm, from nationwide distribution to being an in-flight beverage option on Delta Airlines. Bitters & Soda, a non-alcoholic apéritif, is the newest addition to Hella Cocktail Co.’s range of premium-quality beverages. 

Their goal

After leaning on Retail and Foodservice, Hella Cocktail Co. wanted to expand its eCommerce sales channel and bolster the business against the tumultuous pandemic economy. 

The approach

Mason Interactive was tasked with establishing Hella Cocktail Co.’s newest innovation, Bitters & Soda, in the emerging non-alcoholic beverage category. The go-to-market strategy captured new customers through acquisition channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Remarketing through email and paid social campaigns kept the brand top of mind. 

The team began with in-depth market and audience analysis. Testing different value propositions in ad creatives provided valuable information about customer preferences. The insights helped optimize campaigns and select most-compelling product imagery and ad copy.  

Building lookalike audiences of past purchasers, the team was able to target users similar to existing customers. This audience had the highest probability to convert and offered most value for ad spend. 

Through honing in on Bitters & Soda keywords in Google, Mason Interactive was able to box out competitors through a hyper targeted list of keywords on a broad match modifier, casting a wider net. As a result, competitors dropped off the auction and Hella Cocktail Co. was able to dominate the keyword space for Bitters & Soda.

Remarketing campaigns on social media recaptured past purchasers and website visitors. An effective email marketing strategy covered every stage of the customer journey – from subscriber to repeat customer, and so on. A series of automated welcome emails provided a warm welcome to new subscribers. Ultra-relevant newsletters, on the other hand, nurtured the relationship and encouraged repeat purchases.

The results

Mason Interactive’s strategic approach helped establish Bitters & Soda in the emerging market. Since the launch of paid media campaigns, total revenue increased by 36% over the course of five weeks. Thanks to remarketing, Hella Cocktail Co. saw a 38% increase in returning customers. The insights from creative and audience testing enables smarter decision-making to drive future success. 

36% increase in total revenue | 38% increase in returning customers

“Mason Interactive is a dependable partner that understands the needs and objectives of a fast-growing, high-return D2C business. We are confident the campaigns are ready to be scaled in preparation for a massive Holiday season, thanks to the strong baseline Mason built for us.”

Eddie SimeonCo-founder, Hella Cocktail Co.