Packing in sales with Facebook dynamic ads

The tote bag retailer ran a multi-part campaign to reach new audiences and increase sales, resulting in 2.5X return on ad spend during the last quarter of the year.


return on ad spend during Q4 2018


return on ad spend during November 2018

Their story

Clearly organized

TRUFFLE makes clear pouches that go inside handbags to help people keep their stuff—like sunglasses, phones, lipsticks, and so on—organized and visible instead of floating around in a loose mess. Co-founders and friends Sarah Cusuman and Maria Harrington created their first line of clear pouches, designed for both traveling and everyday situations, in the summer of 2012.


Their goal

Holiday happiness

TRUFFLE wanted to increase online sales during the holiday season.


Their solution

Black Friday build up

TRUFFLE partnered with digital agency Mason Interactive for its holiday marketing effort. The campaign aimed to bring shoppers to the web product pages for its clear pouches, and then encourage them to purchase the totes in later phases of the campaign.

The team started by reaching out to a broad audience well in advance of Black Friday. To reach new customers likely to be interested in the handbag pouches, TRUFFLE also reached out to people who had expressed an interest in similar products and to lookalike audiences based on its most valuable customers.

In November, as Black Friday approached, the team served dynamic ads to people who had looked at the totes on its website. The company transitioned from its earlier objective of driving traffic to product pages to a conversion objective aimed at encouraging people to add products to their shopping carts and purchase.

To use dynamic ads, the team uploaded TRUFFLE’s product catalog into Facebook’s Ads Manager. Using information provided by the Facebook pixel installed on TRUFFLE’s website, the dynamic ads then showed people ads featuring the same products they had looked at or added to their shopping carts earlier. TRUFFLE showed the dynamic ads across all Facebook platforms in a variety of formats, including photo ads in the collection and carousel format, which allowed it to show multiple products at the same time. It also ran photo and video ads and ads in Instagram Stories.


Their Success

A perfect package

TRUFFLE’s multi-part Black Friday campaign, which ran from October 1–December 31, 2018, brought better results in the final quarter than from the previous 3 quarters combined (January–September).

Without question, we owe in great part the success of our record-setting 2018 Q4 sales to Mason Interactive. With Mason's industry expertise, creative advertising strategies and overall marketing intelligence has been invaluable as we grow the TRUFFLE brand in the world of e-commerce.

Sarah CusumanoCo-founder, TRUFFLE