Building the right foundation

To increase brand awareness and drive digital sales, the multitasking makeup essentials brand tested video ads against photo ads, which increased sales by 4.4X.


increase in sales


decrease in cost per sale


increase in conversion rate

Their story

Multitasking makeup essentials

Wander Beauty is a travel-inspired cosmetics brand. Co-founded by a serial entrepreneur and a supermodel, the high performance and cruelty-free line—which includes 2-in-1 blushes and illuminators, lipsticks, foundation sticks and more—is made for multi-taskers on the go.


Their goal

Inspiring Wander-lust

As a young brand, Wander Beauty wanted to increase brand awareness and encourage people to make a purchase online.


Their solution

Demonstrating with video

Wander Beauty had tried a variety of photo ads on Facebook to boost online sales. Though the ads were successful, the company decided to test video ads to see if they would perform better.

The Wander Beauty team partnered with digital advertising agency Mason Interactive to develop a series of video ads showcasing some of the beauty line’s best features—from its compact size, to its multi-use functionality and its suitability for different skin types and tones. The ads included application videos, as well as videos that showed the products being applied on different models with different skin tones.

The team then created a Custom Audience of its existing customers, and segmented this list based on interests, such as beauty products and accessories, cosmetics and online buyers. Wander Beauty then developed and targeted ads to a series of lookalike audiences based on these Custom Audiences.

Wander Beauty also targeted its video ads to a broad audience of women in the US aged 25–50, with interests in digital retailers, beauty and beauty accessories, fashion, and health and wellness.


Their Success

Illuminating sales

Wander Beauty’s campaign enticed beauty fans and successfully drove online sales.

We are still in the early phase, learning as we go. But when we see Facebook ads doing well, we see an uptick across our business. We plan to increase our content as we learn and the business grows.

Alex KrissCOO, Wander Beauty