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How to Boost Sales When an Influencer Regrams your Brand

Social Media
February 25, 2021
Adrian Padron

When an influencer regrams your brand on Instagram, it’s a huge recognition of your hard work, and also an opportunity to make $$. Besides celebrating with the crew, what can you do to leverage the regram to boost sales?

Here’s what you should do next: use your marketing channels to increase sales and brand awareness, adjust online marketing budgets, make relevant content, and check-in with operations. 

Adjust pay-per-click budgets 

First, get on Slack, Zoom, your cell, email – whichever – to contact your marketing team or marketing agency partner! Be sure to bring the regram to their attention, if they haven’t noticed it already. Your social and paid media account teams must respond accordingly.

An influencer response plan is an essential part of your digital strategy, once you build a decent following or build earned media. Your response plan should include a list of influencers to follow and influencers who currently follow your brand. Also, optimize your brand name keywords across all channels. Lastly, make sure the product or service the influencer regrams is optimized and has some budget. Your pay-per-click campaigns might have some automation in place, but shifting budget to ride the wave of being mentioned drives online sales your way. 

Respond on social and expand your reach 

Driving sales your way also means responding to the regram on social media. The quickest way to respond is by posting content to say, “Thanks for the regram!” Even if your followers don’t follow the personality, it will increase social proof and show you are generating some buzz. 

To format the perfect “Regram Response” post, take a screenshot of the influencer’s posting and post it. Or – simply regram the regram. Be sure to tag the artist, create short links for your content to the product landing page, and sprinkle in some hashtags. You might even consider sharing a unique promo code to drive traffic and benefit from brand awareness. 

If you are regrammed by someone with thousands or millions of followers, other influential people may comment or like the regram. Try to DM the celebs or find a way to contact them. Not sure how to go about asking them to try or share your brand? Ask your digital marketing and PR partners to look into the most appropriate approach to connect with potential advocates.

Build additional content for other awareness platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter to let the world know you are getting noticed. Stay in the conversation and enjoy the excitement!

Check your inventory management system 

Go into your online inventory management system (Shopify, TradeGecko, Brightpearl, etc.) to check on stock. How much inventory do you have? How can you maximize sales? Do you need to activate a waitlist? If you are low on the item in demand, a waitlist helps you acquire customer contact information and shows exclusivity. You don’t want to lose potential customers by not expediting your orders, so keep your manufacturer in the loop.

Equally important is to keep an eye on your website that might experience an influx of traffic. Visit the web page occasionally to make sure it’s running correctly and stay on top of system notifications. You will want everything to run nice and smooth. 

It’s always exciting when someone recognizes the quality of your brand and the value it brings! Don’t waste an opportunity to increase sales when your brand is regrammed. 

Working with an agency when a brand regrams your brand

Our jewelry client, Demarson, was recently posted on Instagram by Cardi B. Thanks to our flexible and nimble team, we are able to respond quickly to support our growing brand partners. Our paid media team adjusted ongoing campaigns right away to make the most of the brand exposure.

If you want to learn how we can help you increase sales using pay-per-click and social media advertising, sign up for a one-on-one discovery call with our strategy team.