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How to Create a Modern Shopping Journey with Facebook Discovery Commerce

eCommerce, Paid Media
June 16, 2021
Adrian Padron

Mason Interactive recently partnered with Facebook to host a webinar on Facebook Discovery Commerce. The goal of the webinar was to teach attendees how to create a seamless shopping experience from discovery through purchase. The event was hosted by Karly Surman, Agency Partner Manager at Facebook, and Mira Valjakka, Director of Growth & Marketing at Mason Interactive. 

Karly and Mira get down to the recent changes in the modern shopping journey and discuss how Facebook Discovery Commerce helps businesses engage with the new mindset of consumers. Continue reading for highlights and to get a better understanding of the four elements of Facebook Discovery Commerce:

  • Personalize – Set your business up for maximum value
  • Inspire – Embrace and master the dynamic surfaces where your creative shows up
  • Convert and retain – Optimize the paths you create to serve people and your objectives
  • Learn and optimize – Leverage tools to learn, sharpen and evolve your practices

Why Facebook Discovery Commerce

The shopping experience has changed in a fundamental way. The past model of shopping was intent-based; shoppers took action and made plans to make their purchases. The new model of shopping is serendipitous and integrated into the shopper’s daily life online. This has never been more apparent than it’s become in the last year.

In 2020, eCommerce grew by 30% and 57% of adults said they would spend more money online than in brick and mortar stores. 

This change to the way customers view shopping means that the customer’s journey no longer starts at intent. Instead, it starts long before they consider buying something. Businesses now need to prioritize that personalized experience that nurtures customers in everyday life, not only when they’re actively seeking to purchase.

The new consumer journey starts well before intent. Image: Facebook.

The Four Elements of Facebook Discovery Commerce

Facebook advertising offers great conversion for eCommerce. 86% of shoppers who use Facebook weekly purchase fashion, beauty, furniture, and consumer electronics that they originally discovered on the platform

Using the four elements of the Facebook Discovery Commerce system lets your business take advantage of this powerful modern shopping journey. The four elements are:

  • Personalization engine
  • Engaging surfaces
  • Advertising & conversion tools
  • Measurement & optimization tools

For marketers and eCommerce businesses, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the Holiday season. Getting a step ahead with Facebook Discovery Commerce will help you personalize the experience to get you in front of your customers now, so you don’t miss the small window coming up. With summer weather and everyone enjoying their vacations and activities, it might seem a little early. But, we all know that the Holiday season represents a large portion of yearly revenue. 

As shoppers move to an always open to purchasing mindset, it’s never too early to engage and interact with your target audience on Facebook.

So let’s get into how the system works.

The four elements of Facebook Discovery Commerce. Image: Facebook.

The personalization engine

Facebook’s personalization engine is all about connecting with your customers. This tool helps you to connect with the exact people who are likely to love your business and products. That means more efficiency in your marketing and higher ROI. It also helps you to connect with your target audience across borders. There’s no limit to where you can find your audience. Facebook Discovery Commerce ad solutions help you create a completely personalized experience for your audience to capture engagement and propel conversion.

Engaging surfaces

With engaging surfaces, you can create a truly impressive user experience. Facebook’s mobile-first technology means that your audience gets responsiveness and easy-to-use features on any device. With images that pop and buttons that respond, you never have to worry about design that doesn’t fit the screen or features that frustrate your audience.

Advertising and conversion tools

Did you know that 88% of shopping carts were abandoned in March of 2020

Nothing will make your customers abandon shopping carts as quickly as a complicated buying process. With Facebook’s advertising and conversion tools, you reduce the obstacles that cause customers to abandon ads and carts. Your dynamic ads drive action. Leveraging Facebook Discovery Commerce, you can say hello to a frictionless customer journey that’s not disrupted by slow loading pages, checkout errors, difficulties with reaching customer service, or any other issues that might turn your customers to a competitor. 

Optimization and measurement tools

Advertising on Facebook, you get real-time measurement and optimization tools that let you perform testing, improve your campaigns, and truly measure growth. Advertising for today’s shopper isn’t a one-and-done event. You need to keep measuring how your ads are performing and make improvements. You also need to be able to add to your messaging as times and customers change.

Facebook Discovery Commerce gives businesses a versatile tool to propel ROI with modern shoppers. To learn more about improving your Facebook marketing efforts, and to prepare your marketing strategy for the Holiday sales, contact us today.