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New Client Alert – ALALA

Clients, eCommerce
June 23, 2022
Mason Interactive

We’re excited to announce that Mason Interactive recently added Minority Female-Founded + 100% Women-Run brand, ALALA, to our portfolio of fashion brands. 

From training for her first triathlon to a busy professional schedule, Founder Denise Lee was often on-the-go for 18+ hours at a time. She needed attire that could go from the gym, to the office, or happy hour. Before launching ALALA in 2014, she realized there wasn’t an activewear brand that offered the effortless, high-low style that she was searching for. 

“We Take Our Name From Alala, A Greek Goddess. Her name signifies a battle cry, a call to arms. To us, Alala represents all that we aspire to be as modern women. We live our lives with the audacity to believe that we can do it all and have it all. The universe is our oyster and every day is another opportunity to make our mark on the world.”

– Alala

Sophistication | Quality | Details

Corporate Responsibility

“At Alala, we believe we have a duty to serve and help others. It’s core to what we do and what our consumer believes in. We commit to use our platform to spread knowledge, share resources, and give love to those around us.”

You can read about the causes ALALA supports, here.

This exciting new partnership will focus on growing awareness through a long-term digital marketing strategy that will support direct-to-consumer eCommerce sales. The Mason paid media and SEO teams will be responsible for increasing YoY revenue, and working with the ALALA team on creative performance insights, with an emphasis on profitable customer acquisition. 

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our digital experts, and take the first step on your journey. 

Learn more about ALALA, and shop the Tennis Capsule collection.